FURIA Names Red Bull as a New Sponsor

Brazilian esports organisation FURIA has announced energy drink brand Red Bull as its latest sponsor for the 2021 season.

Brazilian association FURIA Esports reported that caffeinated drink brand Red Bull is its most up to date backer for the 2021 season. Consistently, the Red Bull brand will be shown on FURIA's shirt at the shoulder bone district, on the entirety of FURIA's live streams, and on uncommon activities that are yet to be affirmed, similar to outings of the association to the Red Bull preparing and execution focus.  

FURIA's fellow benefactor André Akkari addressed The Esports Observer about the arrangement: "It is another development that meets all that we need to work in FURIA. We are involved with the greatest brands from each fragment and adding Red Bull to the portfolio shows that FURIA is destined for success."

FURIA Co-founder, André Akkari, commented on the organisation’s new deal: “The partnership with Red Bull magnifies FURIA and our athletes. Working together, the two brands are going to make a lot of noise, because I’m sure that the synergy between them is total.

“[Red Bull is] more of a global partner, that engages themselves in this winning and innovative trajectory that FURIA has been doing in Brazil and beyond. We are full of amazing plans”.

The esports organisation is best known for its Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) team, however, FURIA also participates in League of Legends’ CBLOL and various Free Fire circuits in Brazil, among others.

Akkari spoke more about the partnership on Twitter: “This accomplishment of bringing Red Bull to FURIA is thrilling.  I’ve always dreamed with my associates to bring powerful brands to the organisation, showing that Brazilians can shine. Today our dream is coming true once more, we have the biggest of every category!”. 

Red Bull joins the likes of PokerStars, Unilever’s shampoo Clear, Nike, betting site Rivalry, monitor brand AOC, HyperX, LEGION by Lenovo and Twitch as one of FURIA’s vast number of sponsors. Financial details about the partnership were not disclosed, nor the exact duration of the deal.  

Esports Insider says: FURIA is doing a great job when it comes to commercial partnerships. Allying with non-endemic brands such as Clear and PokerStars, and now having Red Bull on board too, highlights how the organisation is making a name for its self both in Brazil and globally.