The GREFG fortnite the floor is lava tournament: start time, how to get free the GREFG skin and points scoring system

Epic Games authoritatively reported TheGrefg Fortnite beautifiers yesterday after the well known Spanish substance maker live-streamed the uncover.

The stream wound up breaking the record of most elevated simultaneous watches with more than 2,000,000 individuals encountering the new expansion to the Fortnite Icon Series. TheGrefg beautifying agents incorporate the responsive TheGrefg skin, the staff of control pickaxe, wads of force back bling, and the regulator team act out. Here's a glance at all of the makeup in the TheGrefg Icon Series set: In addition to the fact that TheGrefg gets his own beauty care products in Fortnite, he'll likewise be getting his own Fortnite competition, the subsequent maker to get the two beautifiers and a competition with the first being Lachlan in November. The competition is called 'Grefg's Floor is Lava Fortnite competition' and here's beginning and end you need to know.

As we've said beforehand, the occasion is a crews competition, which means groups of four players will duke it out for gloating rights and somewhat more! The occasion's meetings will most recent three hours, with crews having the option to play in a limit of 12 matches for every meeting. Here's the scoring framework. 

Triumph Royale: 30 Points 
second: 24 Points 
third: 21 Points 
fourth: 19 Points 
fifth: 17 Points 
sixth: 15 Points 
seventh: 14 Points 
eighth: 13 Points
ninth: 12 Points
tenth: 11 Points 
eleventh: 10 Points 
twelfth: 9 Points